Fort Myers Accident Attorneys: Could Keyless Ignition Systems Be Putting Us at Risk?

by Carmen Dellutri on April 16, 2012

Naples personal injury attorneyIf you have recently purchased a new car or truck, you likely discovered that vehicles now come equipped with an array of useful features. While new technology such as keyless ignition systems can help make our lives easier, as Fort Myers accident attorneys, we are also concerned that they may be putting our safety at risk.

As noted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles with keyless ignitions are becoming increasingly common because of their convenience—the driver simply pushes a button or turns a switch to start the vehicle. However, the new technology can confuse drivers, resulting in dangerous situations.

Below are a few safety risks that have been reported:

  • One driver reported being dragged through a parking lot after trying to get back in a car that had started rolling away because it wasn't in park. The car eventually came to a stop on the driver's foot, and a group of bystanders had to lift it off.
  • Other drivers reported being awakened by their home carbon monoxide detectors when they inadvertently left their cars running in attached garages. Some people have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in such situations, according to media accounts.
  • Drivers have also reported that they don't know how to shut off a moving vehicle in an emergency – for example, if the accelerator becomes stuck. Many systems require the button to be pressed for a longer period than normal in order to turn off a moving vehicle.

To address these safety issues, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is considering new regulations for cars equipped with keyless ignitions. Specifically, the NHTSA has proposed standardizing keyless ignition systems so that they all shut down after a half-second hold of the power button, whether or not the vehicle is moving.

The proposal also calls for a loud warning to sound if a driver gets out of the vehicle without putting it in park. The warning would sound until the situation is corrected. A one-second warning would sound if the driver gets out, taking the key fob, without turning off the vehicle.

Sounds like a good idea to us.

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