Are Some Naples Drivers More at Risk for Pedal Application Errors?

by Carmen Dellutri on May 8, 2012

Cape Coral car accident attorneyAccidents involving pedal application errors—confusing the gas pedal for the break—have gained media attention in recent years. In many of these accidents, the older drivers behind the wheel appeared to be confused; yet, in others, the source of the error was unclear.

As Naples injury attorneys, we are very interested in the results of a new study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration that explored the causes of these errors. The resulting report specifically details the driver, vehicle, roadway and/or environmental characteristics that may lead to a pedal misapplication crash.

Here’s what they found:

  • There are an estimated 15 pedal misapplication crashes per month in the United States, although the figure is likely higher due to underreporting.
  • The drivers in almost two-thirds of such crashes were females. Possible explanations offered by the NHTSA are greater exposure by women where these crashes occur most often (parking lots); a poorer “fit” in their cars due to shorter stature; or a disproportionately high rate of one or more functional deficits that contribute to pedal errors.
  • The errors were more common among the youngest (age 16 to 20) and oldest (76 and older) drivers. The single factor that may explain over involvement in pedal misapplication crashes at both ends of the driver age distribution is poor executive function. The relevant areas of the brain do not fully develop until young adulthood, and have been shown to decline with advanced age.
  • Driver inattention and distraction were common contributing factors across age groups. Distracted drivers may be more likely to be startled by an unexpected event or traffic situation, and in their panic to stop or slow the vehicle, may press the wrong pedal.

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