Naples Accident Lawyers: New Report Sheds Light on Fatal Camp Crash

by Carmen Dellutri on May 25, 2012

Fort Myers personal injury attorneyA Department of Juvenile Justice inspector general's report sheds new light on the fatal crash involving Big Cypress Wilderness Institute, a juvenile justice facility in Ochopee. The tragic Florida car accident occurred when a Big Cypress employee lost control of an SUV while returning home from a trip to Daytona Beach. The driver, Johnson Atilard, 25, and Daniel Huerta, 17, both drowned when the SUV landed in a nearby creek.

As Naples accident lawyers, we are concerned by the number of policy violations—six— cited in the report. As reported by Naples News, investigators concluded that the vehicle was overloaded at the time of the accident, and there were not enough seatbelts for all of the teens. In addition, Atilard's company driving privileges were revoked at the time of the crash. Big Cypress administrators also failed to realize that Atilard lied on his job application about his driving record. By the time of the crash, Atilard had accumulated at least 18 traffic citations since 2006.

In total, the inspector general's report found former Big Cypress executive director Daniel Washington and director of operations Frantz Lindor were each responsible for at least three policy violations. The report even cites that Lindor told at least one juvenile to lie about the number of teens in the SUV when it crashed. Lindor wanted the teen to lie "because that would have meant there were too many people in the car and Lindor was going to get in trouble," the inspector general's report states.

Daniel Huerta’s parents have also filed a wrongful death lawsuit. They allege that negligence on the part of Big Cypress caused to their son’s death. Although the lawsuit is still in its early stages, judging from this report, it appears that they may have a strong case.

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