Tragic Florida Drowning Accident Highlights Pools Are Not the Only Risks

by Carmen Dellutri on July 6, 2012

Fort Myers injury lawyerAs Naples accident attorneys, we were saddened to learn that a five-year old girl recently drowned in a subdivision retention pond in Bradenton. According to police, it was third case in a month of people drowning in retention ponds in the city.

This tragic accident highlights that drowning accidents do not always take place at the pool or at the beach. In fact, a child can drown in just two inches of water.

The problem is also all too common in Florida. According to state officials, enough children drown each year to fill four preschool classrooms. The drowning rate among children age five is the highest in the nation.

Part of the problem is that drowning accidents often occur silently and quickly. Most children are out of sight for less than five minutes when the drowning occurs. In the Bradenton accident, the girl had apparently wandered away from home. As reported by Naples News, a witness said he saw the girl and swam out to her, but then she disappeared.

The "Keep your Eyes on the Kids" Drowning Prevention Project urges parents to closely supervise children when they are near any body of water. It also recommends that parents and caregivers designate a specific adult to supervise children playing in or near water. This eliminates the risk that adults assume someone else is watching the kids, when in fact nobody is paying attention.

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