Port Charlotte Injury Attorney Dispels Common Drowning Myths

by Carmen Dellutri on July 10, 2012

Cape Coral accident attorneyFlorida has the highest number of child drownings in the country. As Port Charlotte injury attorneys, we want to dispel several common myths about drowning in the hopes that it could help prevent a tragic accident.

  • Drowning is noisy. Often parents don’t hear a single noise when a child drowns. There is generally no screaming or calls for help; rather, the child simply slips below the water.
  • I always keep an eye on my children, so I don’t need a pool fence/alarm. A child can drown within seconds of being away from a parent or caregiver. Therefore, it is imperative to have layers of security, both inside and outside. Door alarms and pool fences are always a good idea.
  • Drowning is limited to pools. Parents often think that because they do not have a pool, they do not have to worry about drowning prevention. However, a young child can drown in just several inches of water. That means toilets and bath tubs both pose risks. Safety advocates recommend keeping toilet lids shut and bathroom doors closed.
  • Armbands (i.e. floaties) will keep kids safe. While armbands keep kids afloat, they often give parents and children a false sense of security. Because children get so used to wearing them, they will often forget and jump into the water without them.

For more on drowning prevention, please see our previous posts.

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