Serious Florida Jet-Ski Accident Highlights Risks of Personal Watercraft

by Carmen Dellutri on July 18, 2012

Naples accident attorneyA serious Florida Jet-Ski accident in Sarasota late last month highlights the risks of personal watercrafts. According to police, a young man nearly lost his arm after falling of the Jet Ski and being run over by a boat.

According to Sarasota Fire Rescue Crews, two men were riding on a jet ski when they cut off the boat while trying to jump the wake from the boat.  The man on the back of the Jet Ski fell off and the boat ran him over. The man's arm was nearly severed and he also suffered head injuries.

This accident shows what can happen when people take unnecessary risks while riding a personal watercraft. Below are some additional tips to avoid a serious accident:

▪       As a personal watercraft user, you are in command of a boat. Attitude and awareness are key factors when you operate any boat, since most boating accidents result from operator error.

▪       When riding with a passenger make sure they know what to do if they fall off or the proper actions for any other circumstance that could occur on the water.

▪       It is very important that you read and understand your owners’ manual before you operate your PWC. It is the best source of information about the operating characteristics of your PWC.

▪       Read and understand all the warning labels on your PWC.

▪       Do not put anything near the pump intake with the engine running. This is especially true of fingers, clothes, toes, etc. The water flowing into the intake will pull hair or anything loose into the jet unit.

▪       Don’t operate your PWC- or allow anyone else to operate it – while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Both can impair balance, vision, and judgment – necessary components of safe boating.

Source: PWS Safety School

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