Naples Injury Lawyers: Officials Release Sobering Report on Florida Boating Accidents

by Carmen Dellutri on July 25, 2012

Naples personal injury attorneySixty-seven people died in Florida boating accidents in 2011, and there have already been 28 deaths so far this year, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). In total, there were 742 reportable Florida boating accidents in 2011, which resulted in 431 injuries.

As detailed in the FWC’s recent boating accident report, many of the fatalities were due to victims falling overboard and drowning. Tragically, a large number of these deaths could have been prevented if the victims had worn life jackets.

The statistics compiled by the FWC also reveal that boaters who have not taken a boating safety course are more prone to accidents. In fact, 51% of the operators involved in reportable boating accidents had no formal boater education.

As the report highlights, “These statistics show us that the boat operator most likely to be involved in a boating accident is a middle aged or older male who has plenty of boating experience yet has never learned the most important safety considerations by having taken a boating safety course.”

Below are a few additional statistics that all boaters should take into consideration:

  • 39% of the fatal accidents were falls overboard (24 accidents). In 2011, boaters falling overboard remained the main cause of boating fatalities.
  • The leading cause of death in fatal boating accidents was drowning (63%).
  • Deadliest months in 2011 were August and November with 9 fatalities each.
  • Alcohol or drug-use played a role in 15% of boating fatalities.
  • 93% of the victims of fatal boating accidents were males (62).
  • The total fatality count for 2011 is reported at 67.
  • 68% (45) of the 62 fatal accidents involved operators over the age of 35.
  • 94% of all fatal accidents in 2011 involved vessels 21 feet and under.

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