Does Your Bike Have Anti-Lock Breaks? It Could Help Prevent a Cape Coral Motorcycle Accident

by Carmen Dellutri on August 24, 2012

Fort Myers motorcycle accident lawyerMotorcyclists, particularly new riders, can greatly benefit from riding a bike equipped with anti-lock breaks. In fact, it could save your life in a Cape Coral motorcycle accident.

A new government study compared the accident rate for motorcycles equipped with antilock braking systems (ABS) with the rate for motorcycles without ABS. It found that ABS bikes were 30 percent less likely to have a collision claim within the first 90 days of a policy and 19 percent less likely after that.

"We already knew that motorcycle ABS cuts crashes. What this study shows is that ABS may help compensate for beginners' mistakes," says Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) Vice President Matt Moore. "At the same time, riders with more experience also reap large benefits from the technology."

As the HLDI report highlights, anti-lock brakes play a greater role when it comes to motorcycles. On a car, a lockup might result in a skid, but on a motorcycle, it generally results in a loss of balance and a potentially deadly fall.

ABS prevents lockup by automatically reducing brake pressure if it detects that a wheel is about to stop rotating, then increasing it again after traction is restored. As a result, a rider can brake fully in an emergency without any hesitation.

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