Florida Police Remind Drivers Red Light Means Stop

by Carmen Dellutri on September 6, 2012

Florida car accident attorneyWhile we all learned at a young age that green lights mean go and red lights mean stop, the lesson does not always translate to Port Charlotte roadways. In fact, red light running is becoming a dangerous problem that puts drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists at risk.

To combat the problem, the Florida Highway Patrol is cracking down on drivers who fail to stop at red traffic signals. “As motorist in Florida, it is our duty to drive responsibly, drive safely and stop on red,” said FHP Director Col. David Brierton. “Troopers will take the appropriate enforcement action on those drivers who place themselves and others in danger by running red lights.”

As Port Charlotte accident attorneys, we want to share some of the FHP’s safety tips:

  • Intersections can be dangerous — when the light turns green, look in all directions for red light runners before proceeding whether driving, cycling or walking.
  • Do not race through a yellow light; apply the brakes and safely decelerate to a stop prior to reaching the intersection.
  • If you run a red light, you are risking a citation and moving violation on your record, damage to your vehicle, higher insurance costs, hospital expenses and most importantly irreversible consequences if you injure or kill someone else.
  • Decide today that you will always be ready to stop on red as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian.
  • Obey speed limits so you have time and space to stop prior to entering the intersection.
  • The tragedies and costs resulting from red light running are preventable.

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