Naples Accident Attorneys: Did You Know Your Car Likely Has a “Black Box?”

by Carmen Dellutri on September 17, 2012

Fort Myers personal injury attorneyMost drivers are surprised to learn that their cars and trucks are equipped event data recorders (EDRs), often called “black boxes.” While these devices are often valuable when it comes to plane crashes, they do not yet provide the same benefits in a Naples car accident.

However, federal regulators are hopeful that the black boxes will be more effective when new rules take effect in October. The new standards will still not makes EDRs mandatory in all vehicles, but they will standardize how information is collected and retrieved by these devices across all automakers.

Carmakers currently do not collect the same information and also use different systems to retrieve it, making it difficult to collate and compare crash data. The problem became particularly apparent during the Toyota unintended acceleration investigation when it was revealed that the company only had one computer in the United States that could interpret the data.

As detailed by Consumer Reports, vehicles equipped with EDRs must now collect the following information:

  • The crash force in forward and side directions
  • The duration of the crash event
  • Indicated vehicle speed
  • Accelerator position
  • Engine rpm
  • Brake application and anti-lock brake activation
  • Steering wheel angle
  • Stability control engagement
  • Vehicle roll angle, in case of a roll over
  • Number of times the vehicle has been started
  • Driver and front-passenger seatbelt engagement, and pretensioner or force-limiter engagement
  • Air bag deployment, speed, and faults for all air bags
  • Front seat positions
  • Occupant size
  • Number of crashes (one or more impacts during the final crash event)

Regulators are hopeful that the more detailed information will help them learn about what causes serious car accidents as well as how they can best be prevented.

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