Are Cell Phones to Blame for Risky Driving on Fort Myers Roadways?

by Carmen Dellutri on September 18, 2012

Naples car accident attorneyBy now, we all know that cell phones are linked to Fort Myers distracted driving accidents. But could they also be related to other risky driving behaviors?

According to a new study, the answer is yes. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that people often drive aggressively even after they hang up their cell phones.

As reported by the Boston Globe, the MIT researchers examined the behavior of 108 Greater Boston drivers. Half indicated that they frequently used their cell phone when driving, while the other reported they rarely used their phones behind the wheel.

Although the drivers did not make any calls during the study, the cell-phone users still tended to drive faster, change lanes more often, and spend more time in the far-left lane than the other group. The frequent sell-phone users were also more likely to accelerate rapidly and to slam on the brakes.

“The people who are more willing to frequently engage in cellphone use are higher-risk drivers, independent of the phone,” said Bryan Reimer, associate director of MIT’s New England University Transportation Center. “It’s not just a subtle difference with those willing to pick up the phone. This is a big difference.”

The study highlights that cell phone use by drivers is clearly risky, but the personality of the driver may play a part as well. In many cases, distracted driving may be only one of their high-risk behaviors.

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