Family of Cape Coral Accident Victim Raising Money to Fix Dangerous Intersection

by Carmen Dellutri on October 22, 2012

Cape Coral injury lawyersThe family of a young woman killed in a tragic Cape Coral car accident is hoping to use memorial funds to prevent another family from suffering the same fate. Alexie Rai Krill was killed when her vehicle ended up in a canal off of Beach Parkway and Surfside Boulevard. Her family wants to install a protective barrier at the intersection to prevent future accidents.

According to the Cape Coral Daily Breeze, Krill apparently was traveling west on Beach Parkway when she ran a stop sign at Surfside and continued through the intersection. She drove off of the road and into the canal, where she was unable to exit the vehicle.

"We live in this area. We know hers is not the first (fatal accident)," Krill's mother, Kristie Hilbert told the paper. "We just don't want it to happen again."

Krill’s family believes that she was likely unconscious after the accident because she had been taught what to do if she was ever trapped in a submerged vehicle and had an emergency tool that breaks windows.

"We always talked about how you have to let the car fill up - we went through all of the steps," she said. "And then it actually happened."

The family has received a great deal of support from the local community in their effort to make the intersection safer. A company has volunteered to construct and install the barrier and local officials are offering to help with the approval process. Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz is spearheading the effort, after his future stepson was killed in the same area.

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