The Right Halloween Costume Can Protect Your Child From a Fort Myers Pedestrian Accident

by Carmen Dellutri on October 29, 2012

Fort Myers injury lawyerChildren are four times more likely to be killed in a Fort Myers pedestrian accident on Halloween than any other night of the year. Therefore, whether your child is dressing up as a witch, a princess, or a super hero, it is imperative to make sure his or her costume is designed with safety in mind.

As Fort Myers injury attorneys, we know one of the best important ways to protect your children is to make sure drivers can see them. Below are few Halloween safety tips to increase visibility:

  • Decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape that will glow in the beam of a car's headlights. Bags or sacks should also be light colored or decorated with reflective tape. Reflective tape is usually available in hardware, bicycle, and sporting goods stores.
  • To easily see and be seen, children should also carry flashlights.
  • Costumes should be short enough to prevent children from tripping and falling.  Children should wear well-fitting, sturdy shoes .
  • Hats and scarfs should be tied securely to prevent them from slipping over children's eyes.
  • Apply a natural mask of cosmetics rather than have a child wear a loose-fitting mask that might restrict breathing or obscure vision. If a mask is used, however, make sure it fits securely and has eyeholes large enough to allow full vision.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

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