Lawmakers Join Call for Traffic Lights in Wake of Metro Parkway Accidents

by Carmen Dellutri on November 22, 2012

Florida car accident attorneyIn the wake of two accidents in less than two days, efforts to install a traffic light at the intersection of the newly opened Metro Parkway and Briarcliff Road appear to be progressing. However, as Port Charlotte accident attorneys, we can’t help but wonder if officials are moving fast enough.

As we previously reported on this Florida personal injury blog, the Metro Parkway Extension in Lee County was only open for less than 24 hours before it became the site of a tragic traffic accident. According to the Lee Sheriff’s office, the driver of an SUV, headed east on Briarcliff Road, pulled out into the middle of the intersection and into the path of a scooter ridden by David Vanaman. He put down the bike to avoid a collision, but still suffered life-threatening injuries.

The accident and another that followed have renewed complaints from area residents that the intersection should be equipped with a traffic light. Before construction on the roadway started, the Florida Department of Transportation told concerned Briarcliff residents that they would need to see firsthand how traffic used this new intersection before a signal could be approved.

Thanks to involvement from local lawmakers, the process for installing a light has become a priority. The Florida DOT has already started its traffic study, rather than waiting until next month. However, according to Wink News, the light may still be many months away. DOT officials caution that starting the study earlier may not translate into faster data collection. In fact, the study could continue into February of next year.

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