New Traffic System Installed to Curb Naples Pedestrian Accidents

by Carmen Dellutri on December 12, 2012

Florida car accident attorneyOfficials are hoping that a new traffic system will help prevent pedestrian accidents at a busy Naples intersection. Walkers and bicyclists frequently cross Bayshore and Weeks Avenue, and many drivers do not stop at the crosswalks.

After previous efforts failed to deter accidents, the intersection is now equipped with a new HAWK system, the first in Collier County. The light remains dark until activated by a pedestrian and then functions much like a traditional stop light.

First, a flashing yellow light warns drivers that a pedestrian wants to cross. The signal then changes to solid yellow, alerting drivers to prepare to stop. When the signal turns red, drivers must stop and the pedestrian is given a “WALK” symbol. The signal then flashes red and the pedestrian is shown a flashing “DON’T WALK” with a countdown timer. Drivers are allowed to proceed during the flashing red after coming to a full stop and making sure there is no danger to pedestrians.

According to, officials hope the new technology will deter accidents and save lives. In the coming weeks, local law enforcement will also be monitoring the intersection to check compliance, increasing patrol in the area to make sure drivers are stopping.

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