Inspections Show Many Commercials Trucks On the Road Have Faulty Brakes

by Carmen Dellutri on December 14, 2012

A recent report suggests that many commercial trucks on Florida roadways may be equipped with faulty brakes. As Port Charlotte accident attorneys, this is concerning given the likelihood of serious injuries in accidents involving large trucks and buses.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) reports that one out of seven of 21,255 vehicles inspected during Brake Safety Week (Sept. 9-15) were placed out-of-service due to brake issues. Brakes have been cited in 29.4% of commercial motor vehicle crashes as an associated factor.

Although the rates are comparable to recent years, they are slightly higher for the second year in a row. Of the vehicles inspected September 9-15, the out-of-service rate for all brake-related violations was 15.3%.

“Commercial vehicles with OOS violations are considered imminent hazards to highway safety. Stopping distances of trucks and buses are longer than passenger cars and they increase significantly with many of the brake violations found during these inspections,” said CVSA Executive Director Stephen A. Keppler.

“The good news is that eight of ten trucks were compliant, however, the slight increase in out-of-service violations is troubling. Our goal is safe vehicles, drivers and roadways. We will not tolerate anything less than 100 percent compliance with the safety rules of our roads,” he added.

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