Tragic Death of Music Star Highlight Charter Plane Safety Concerns

by Carmen Dellutri on January 2, 2013

Fort Myers plane accident lawyerThe tragic death of Jenni Rivera has once again put charter plane safety concerns front and center. While many still associate charter planes with celebrities, everyday people are increasingly using them for both business and personal travel.

Although the plane crash is still under investigation, the age and safety record of the aircraft has raised red flags. According to reports, the plane was over 40 years old.

Although charter planes are generally considered safe, deadly accidents are on the rise. According to the FAA, the number of fatal accidents increased from six in 2010 to 16 in 2011. Deaths rose from 17 to 41.

With this in mind, it is imperative to know what questions to ask before boarding a chartered flight. As Fort Myers injury attorneys, we would like to share the following tips:

  • Pilots: Make sure the charter is well established and employs its own pilots.
  • Licensing: Verify that the charter operator has FAA Part 135 air carrier certificate, which legally defines an operator as a charter carrier.
  • Maintenance: Ask charter operators if their firm performs its own aircraft maintenance. If so, verify that mechanic training is approved by the aircraft manufacturers.
  • Safety audits: Find out how regularly safety audits are conducted and whether they are rated and overseen by an outside agency.
  • Insurance: It is important to verify that the charter has sufficient insurance coverage. Depending on the type of plane, coverage could range from $5 million to $30 million.

Source: CNN

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