Driver Error Cited as Cause of October Pile Up on I-75

by Carmen Dellutri on January 7, 2013

Fort Myers personal injury attorneyThe Florida Highway Patrol has concluded that driver error was largely responsible for the 53-car pile up on Interstate 75 in October. The sudden rainstorm was also cited as a contributing factor.

In total, 19 drivers involved in the massive accident will receive traffic citations. Many were driving too fast for the conditions at the time of the accident, according to law enforcement.

As we previously discussed on this Florida Injury Blog, it was raining heavily at the time of the pile-up, with limited visibility. Many drivers reported that they simply could not stop in time, causing a chain reaction that ultimately included 21 separate crashes. Thankfully, the accidents did not result in any fatalities. However, 52 people were injured, according to the FHP.

As Floridians, we luckily do not have to deal with snow in the winter. Yet, Florida still has the second most weather-related traffic fatalities in the U.S.

As a reminder, below are a few tips for driving in bad weather:

  • Wait Out the Storm: If possible, avoid driving in heavy storms. If you are already on the roadway, pull over, put on your hazard lights, and wait for visibility to improve.
  • Reduce Your Speed: Slick roads mean it will take longer to slow down; they also increase the risk of hydroplaning. Therefore, it is important to slow down in bad weather. Also, keep in mind that roads remain slick after the storm passes.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Worn tires and faulty headlights can make it more dangerous to drive in bad weather. For instance, a vehicle with a bald tire is more likely to hydroplane on wet roads

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