Naples Injury Lawyers: Should Cars Be Equipped With Pedestrian Airbags?

by Carmen Dellutri on January 30, 2013

Cape Coral accident attorneyNaples car accidents involving pedestrians are some of the most deadly. Therefore, we are very interested in new technology that could help reduce injuries and increase survival rates.

As we discussed last week, hybrid vehicles will soon be required to make a minimal amount of noise in order to make sure pedestrians can detect them approaching. Another interesting development is Volvo’s first pedestrian airbag.

As described by MSN, “it inflates when sensors in the front bumper detect physical contact with a pedestrian. This causes a section of the hood to rise and a U-shaped airbag to inflate, covering about a third of the windshield and the bottom of the car’s A pillars and cushioning the blow for anyone unlucky enough to get hit and tossed onto the hood.”

The new system would compliment the technology Volvo already has in place. Its Pedestrian Detection system uses sensors and a camera to scan the vehicle’s path and automatically stops when it detects a person.

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