Hot Tubs Become Biggest Drowning Risk in Cooler Winter Months

by Carmen Dellutri on February 8, 2013

Cape Coral drowning accidentFor many, it may be too cool this time of year to regularly swim in the pool. However, hot tubs—a popular alternative—can pose many of the same drowning risks, particularly for small children.

Cape Coral hot tub drownings can result from unintentional falls into the water, from hair that becomes tangled in drains or jets, or from body parts becoming trapped.

With this in mind, we would like to share the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety precautions when using a hot tub, spa, or whirlpool:

1. Always use a locked safety cover when the spa is not in use and keep young children away from spas or hot tubs unless there is constant adult supervision.

2. Make sure the spa has the dual drains and drain covers required by current safety standards.

3. Regularly have a professional check your spa or hot tub and make sure it is in good, safe working condition, and that drain covers are in place and not cracked or missing. Check the drain covers yourself throughout the year.

4. Know where the cut-off switch for your pump is so you can turn it off in an emergency.

5. Be aware that consuming alcohol while using a spa could lead to drowning.

6. Keep the temperature of the water in the spa at 104 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

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