Should We Take Road Safety Advice From Overseas?

by Carmen Dellutri on February 11, 2013

road safety overseasAlthough the United States is steadily improving road safety, we still fall behind many developed countries. In fact, a recent report even suggests that we should be looking overseas for advice.

As Naples accident attorneys, we agree that all avenues should be explored if it means safer roads. Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are among the best-performing countries in the world in terms of road safety.

In the latest study, researchers from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute examined the road safety strategies of theses countries and compared them with the U.S. in order to identify actions most likely to produce casualty reductions.

As detailed in their report, the researchers specifically suggests that the United States adopt the following measures:

  • Lower states’ BAC limits to 0.5 g/l, introduce efficient random breath testing with widespread utilization in all states, and encourage the use of alcohol ignition interlocks.
  • Reexamine the current speed limit policies (especially in urban areas), implement special speed limits and compulsory speed limiters for heavy vehicles, and improve speed enforcement by a wide-scale implementation of speed cameras and/or intelligent speed adaptation.
  • Implement in each state primary seat-belt-wearing laws that would cover both front and rear occupants. In addition, reward OEMs for installation of advanced seat-belt reminders.
  • Reconsider road-safety target setting so that the goal is given in terms of the number of reduced fatalities, with supplementary goals in terms of serious injuries and other safety indicators.
  • Consider new strategies to reduce distances driven (e.g., urban planning, encouragement of people to use more public transportation, telecommuting, etc.).

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