Is Florida Texting Ban Finally Gaining Traction?

by Carmen Dellutri on February 26, 2013

Fort Myers personal injury attorneyAs we have repeatedly discussed on this Florida Injury Blog, Florida is one of the few states to impose no restrictions on cell phone use behind the wheel. However, that may be changing.

Lawmakers recently moved forward on one of several Florida distracted driving bills currently pending in the state House and Senate. The Senate Transportation Committee approved a measure (SB 52) proposed by Sen. Nancy Detert. It would make texting behind the wheel in Florida a secondary offense. This means that law enforcement officers would need another reason for pulling over a driver, such a speeding or lane violations, before they could be charged with breaking the law.

Although the law is far less strict than other distracted driving laws, given the resistance to such measures in the past, lawmakers have decided to start small and then push more additional restrictions.

The House Transportation Committee is also expected to take up a similar bill in the coming weeks. Its primary sponsor, Rep. Doug Holder, R-Osprey, is optimistic that it too will pass. “I think that this year is certainly the year,” said Holder, who has championed texting-driving restrictions since 2008. “I think that we’ve always recognized that it is common-sense legislation, that it’s a no-brainer type of law to be enacted. And certainly by making texting illegal while driving, it will save lives in Florida.”

As Port Charlotte injury attorneys, we too hope this is the year Florida finally gets tough on distracted driving.

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