Study Confirms Talking and Turning Is Dangerous for Naples Drivers

by Carmen Dellutri on March 18, 2013

Naples intersection accident

A new study confirms that talking on your cell phone (even hands free) while making a left turn is one of riskiest maneuvers a Naples driver can make. The problem, according to researchers, is that making a left-hand turn requires a huge amount of brain activation.

To simulate the risky driving behavior, researchers at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto used a novel driving simulator equipped with a steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator inside a high-powered functional MRI. Using young, healthy drivers, the researchers mapped in real time which parts of their brains were activated or deactivated as the simulator took them through increasingly difficult driving maneuvers.

As detailed in a press release, the study revealed that making a left-hand turn requires a vast amount of brain activation, which far exceeds that required for driving on a straight road or other maneuvers. When the drivers were also engaged in a conversation, the brain dramatically dropped its activity in the part responsible for vision, while engaging the part that controls monitoring a conversation and attention.

“Visually, a left-hand turn is quite demanding," lead researcher, Dr. Tom Schweizer, said. "You have to look at oncoming traffic, pedestrians and lights, and coordinate all that. Add talking on a cell phone, and your visual area shuts down significantly, which obviously is key to performing the maneuver."

The researchers also note that any type of multitasking takes away from our attention on the road. “Hands free does not mean brains free," Schweizer added.

As Naples accident attorneys, the findings make sense. We consistently see a high number of accidents that occur at intersections and adding any type of distraction seems to compound the risk.

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