Cape Coral Drivers Cited for Breaking Traffic Laws to Avoid Accident Scene

by Carmen Dellutri on March 19, 2013

Naples accident lawyerSeveral Cape Coral drivers learned the hard way that a closed roadway does not authorize drivers to ignore traffic laws. They all received citations from police, in the form of written warnings.

As reports, a Cape Coral accident scene involving a bus forced police to close down the road and divert traffic. After maneuvering around the scene,  several vehicles crossed over the median on Santa Barbara Boulevard in order to reverse direction.

Even more dangerous, several other vehicles turned north onto Santa Barbara in the southbound lanes. They were headed to a nearby intersection to cross back over to the proper lanes when they were pulled over by police.

As Cape Coral police spokesman Lt. Tony Sizemore made clear, drivers faced with detours or road closures should find a way to make it to their destinations without crossing medians or driving the wrong way. In addition to breaking traffic laws, the risky maneuvers could cause another Cape Coral accident.

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