Google Glasses May Be Banned Behind the Wheel Before Official Launch

by Carmen Dellutri on April 9, 2013

Florida motor vehicle accident attorneyGoogle Glass, the funky headset that allows users to take pictures, read emails, and surf the Internet, is not yet available to the public. However, lawmakers are already working to prohibit their use while driving.

As Cape Coral injury lawyers, we understand the concerns. Given the steady rise in distracted driving accidents, we certainly don’t need another device taking drivers’ attention from the road. However, we would like to try the Google Glass under safe conditions!

As CNN reports, West Virginia state Rep. Gary G. Howell recently proposed legislation that would amend existing laws against texting while driving to also ban "using a wearable computer with head mounted display." It would be the first state to prohibit the use of Google Glass and would take effect July 1.

"The primary thing is a safety concern," Howell stated. "It (the Glass headset) could project text or video into your field of vision. I think there's a lot of potential for distraction.”

In response to distracted driving concerns, Google has pointed out that the screen on the Google Glass device is located above the wearer's normal field of vision, not unlike a car's sun visor. It also noted that it is meant for quick glances, not prolonged viewing.

It will be interesting to see if other states follow West Virginia’s lead. Given that studies have shown that diverting attention from the roadway for just a few seconds can cause drivers to miss stops signs, break lights and turning vehicle, we would not be surprised if Google Glass is kept out of the driver’s seat.

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