New Car Rating System May Help Protect Older Drivers in Naples Car Accident

by Carmen Dellutri on May 10, 2013

Cape Coral car accident attorneyAs Naples car accidents attorneys, we know that serious crashes can be particularly devastating for older drivers. They often suffer more serious injuries and take longer to get back on their feet.

In addition, the number of older drivers on the road continues to increase as baby boomers age, often called the “silver tsunami.” According to the AARP, 16 percent of licensed drivers in the U.S. today are 65 and older. By 2025, the figure will grow to one in five drivers on U.S. roadways.

With this in mind, we are particularly interested in a new proposal by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to develop crash safety ratings that are tailored to older drivers.  According to a posting to its website, the NHTSA is considering updating the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) to include a “silver” rating that would assess the safety of vehicles for the older driver.

In its publication, the NHTSA acknowledged that older vehicle occupants are generally less able than younger occupants to withstand crash forces. Thus, the goal of the new rating system is to provide information that helps older consumers select vehicles that might better protect them. As the Washington Post reports, the NHTSA listed inflatable seat belts and technologies that help prevent low-speed pedal misapplication as two safety features that may benefit older vehicle occupants.

We will be closely following this proposal and will provide updates as they become available.

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