Do You Know How to Prevent a Window Fall Accident?

by Carmen Dellutri on May 21, 2013

Fort Myers personal injury lawyerWhile residents of Florida may be more inclined to close their windows during the warmer summer months, we still want to share some important information as part of National Window Safety Week.

Every year, 5,200 children are injured in falls from windows. More than 20 percent are injured badly enough to require hospitalization. Younger children are at greatest risk for window fall accidents, according to recent studies. Children four years old and younger were more likely to be hospitalized, suffer head injuries, and even die. Boys are slightly more likely to fall than girls.

To prevent these tragic accidents, safety advocates recommend that parents and caregivers take the following precautions:

  • Keep cribs and other furniture away from windows to eliminate the possibility of a child reaching a window by climbing.
  • Install safety devices such as window guards or window stops on all second-story windows or higher. Since about one-third of falls occur from first floor windows, consider installing them on those windows, too. (Window stops should prevent the window from opening more than four inches, while allowing an adult to open it fully in case of a fire or other emergency.)
  • Remember that screens do not prevent a child from falling out of a window.
  • Open windows from the top, whenever possible.
  • Consider planting bushes or locating flowerbeds under windows to soften the landing surface, which may reduce the severity of injury in the event of a fall.
  • Remember that fire escapes, roofs and balconies are not safe places for children to play.
  • Once your children are old enough, discuss with them the dangers of climbing out of or jumping from windows.

Source: Consumer Reports

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