Port Charlotte Injury Lawyer: Improving Truck Safety

by Carmen Dellutri on June 25, 2013

Cape Coral accident attorneySingle-unit trucks may not be as large as tractor-trailers, but they can still pose serious risks on the highway. In fact, they are involved in nine percent of fatalities among passenger vehicle occupants in multivehicle crashes

Single-unit trucks differ from tractor-trailers because all of the truck’s axles are attached to a single frame. However, these large trucks, which weigh over 10,000 pounds, pose many of the same accident risks on Port Charlotte highways. They are more difficult to maneuver, stop less quickly, have large blind spots, and cause more damage in a crash.

Unfortunately, large trucks are not required to follow many of the safety standards imposed on other large trucks, like 18-wheelers. To assess the risks, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently conducted a study on single-unit trucks. The results are concerning:

  • Although single-unit truck crashes are neither as lethal nor as likely to cause the most severe injuries as compared with tractor-trailer crashes, available data show that they are involved in at least 37 percent of the fatalities, 49 percent of inpatient hospitalizations, and 61 percent of emergency department visits from large truck crashes.
  • Twice as many pedestrians and cyclists received non-fatal injuries in single-unit truck crashes as in tractor-trailer crashes, although the numbers of fatally injured pedestrians and cyclists were 19 percent lower in single-unit truck crashes than in tractor-trailer crashes.
  • Onboard systems and equipment that compensate for blind spots and allow drivers of single-unit trucks to detect vulnerable road users could prevent fatalities and injuries that occur in crashes involving single-unit trucks.
  • About half of all collisions resulting in injury between passenger vehicles and the side of single-unit trucks involve underride, pose a high risk of death and injury, and could be reduced by side underride guards.
  • Single-unit trucks are involved in at least one-third of all large truck rollovers and single-vehicle run-off-road crashes, two types of crashes that can be mitigated by electronic stability control systems.

The NTSB also makes a number of recommendations for reducing the risks of serious crashes involving single-unit trucks. They include requiring modifications to enhance the ability of drivers of single-unit trucks to detect pedestrians and cyclists, side and rear underride protection systems, and conspicuity treatments on the sides and rears of single-unit trucks to improve visibility.

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