AAA Study on Distracted Driving Should be Eye-Opening

by Carmen Dellutri on June 28, 2013

Naples car accident attorneyWhile the studies on the dangers of distracted driving keep rolling out, many drivers continue to engage in risky driving behaviors such as talking and texting behind the wheel. The latest study comes from the AAA Foundation, and it offers some of the best evidence about how even hands-free devices can cause drivers to lose focus and cause a serious Cape Coral car crash.

As explained by AAA Foundation, researchers measured brainwaves, eye movement and other metrics while drivers engaged in common tasks, from listening to an audio book or talking on the phone to listening and responding to voice-activated emails while behind the wheel. They then used the results to rate the levels of mental distraction drivers experienced while performing each of the tasks.

Similar to the Saffir-Simpson scale used for hurricanes, the levels of mental distraction are represented on a scale:

  1. Tasks such as listening to the radio ranked as a category “1” level of distraction or a minimal risk.
  2. Talking on a cell-phone, both handheld and hands-free, resulted in a “2” or a moderate risk.
  3. Listening and responding to in-vehicle, voice-activated email features increased mental workload and distraction levels of the drivers to a “3” rating or one of extensive risk.

“These findings reinforce previous research that hands-free is not risk-free,” said AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger. “Increased mental workload and cognitive distractions can lead to a type of tunnel vision or inattention blindness where motorists don’t see potential hazards right in front of them.”

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