Accident Involving FHP Trooper Blamed on Distraction

by Carmen Dellutri on July 2, 2013

Port Charlotte injury attorneyInvestigators have determined that a fatal accident involving a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was caused by distraction, highlighting that all drivers can make dangerous mistakes when their attention is diverted from the roadway. According to the FHP’s accident report, the officer was distracted by the laptop computer in his patrol car at the time of the Fort Myers crash.

Although no criminal charges have been filed, the trooper, Gustavo Reyes, was issued a citation for careless driving. Negligence was also listed as the primary cause of all injuries and property damage. The impact of the crash killed the unborn child of Christopher and Crystal McClure, and severely injured Crystal McClure.

The accident occurred on Interstate 75, just south of the Colonial Boulevard exit in Fort Myers. According to the report, Reyes “failed to observe (the McClure vehicle) until the last moment, at which time he swerved (his car) to the left. The right front of (Reyes’ car) struck the left rear of (the McClure vehicle). Mr. McClure was unable to maintain control of (his vehicle) and overturned several times.” The report states that the crash occurred just two minutes after Reyes last accessed the computer.

While the McClure’s appear to have a strong personal injury case against the FHP, the couple’s damages are subject to the state’s sovereign immunity law, which caps damages at $300,000. Unfortunately, this likely does not begin to cover their physical and emotional losses.


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