What’s More Dangerous: Rural or Urban Roads?

by Carmen Dellutri on August 14, 2013

Cape Coral injury lawyerWhile urban roads are more congested with vehicles and pedestrians, rural Florida roads are actually more dangerous. They are also more numerous. Of the 8.4 million lane-miles of roads in the United States, over 6 million lane-miles are rural.

With regard to safety statistics, rural roads make up an estimated 40 percent of the vehicle miles traveled in the U.S., but nearly 57 percent of fatalities. According to 2009 crash data, 19,259 people were killed in crashes on rural roads. Even more alarming, the fatality rate for rural crashes more than doubles the fatality rate in urban crashes.

As highlighted by the Federal Highway Administration, there are a number of reasons why rural roads are more dangerous.

  • Rural crashes are more likely to be at higher speeds than urban crashes;
  • Victims of fatal crashes in rural areas are more likely to not be wearing seatbelts than their urban peers
  • It often takes first responders longer to arrive at the scene of a rural crash, leaving victims waiting longer for medical attention.
  • Outdated roadway design and roadside hazards such as utility poles, sharp-edged pavement drop-offs, and trees close to the roadway contribute to the severity of rural crashes.

So the next time you are driving outside the city, remember to buckle up, slow down and drive cautiously.

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