Are You Guilty of Road Rage? Tips for Keeping Emotions in Check

by Carmen Dellutri on September 24, 2013

Underage California DUIThe Department of Transportation recently warned that road rage is up 170 percent since 2007. So if you are guilty of getting “heated” behind the wheel, you are not alone. Tailgating, failing to use turn signals, erratic lanes changes and distraction are some of the biggest complaints on the road.

While the occasional frustration with other drivers may seem harmless, it often leads to unsafe driving behaviors that can put you and others on the road at risk. Leon James, psychology professor at the University of Hawaii and author of a recent study on aggressive driving, compares “driving under impaired emotions” to driving drunk. “It’s a real danger, just like alcohol,” he said. “You just don’t make the right judgments, and you overlook reality.”

Thankfully, there are steps that drivers can take to reduce their frustration and regain their cool. The most important is to give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. Too often we assume that unsafe driving behaviors are intentional and react by retaliating.

To keep your emotions in check, Professor James recommends the following:

Recognize the issue: If you tend to respond angrily to others poor driving, take steps to reshape your attitude. Taking a deep breath and developing other coping mechanisms to deal with frustration can help you maintain self-control.

Test yourself: If you are not sure if you are an aggressive driver, track your levels of emotion while driving. This can be as easy using a voice recorder to capture a “play by play” of your thoughts and behaviors as you drive.

Make funny noises: Make monkey noises, cluck like a chicken or sing your favorite tune. Anything that can make you laugh and shift your focus will help alleviate the anger.

Source: Washington Post

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