Falls Put Spotlight on Stadium Safety

by Carmen Dellutri on September 27, 2013

California DUI Beer at StadiumAs the NFL football season kicks into high gear, many fans may be questioning whether their local stadium is safe. Over the past several weeks, several fans died in stadium falls, while several others were injured.

In one accident, a San Francisco 49ers fan fell to his death at Candlestick Stadium. In another, a Denver Broncos fan was injured after falling from an escalator.

Stadium injuries and fatalities are not limited to football. This summer, an Atlanta Braves baseball fan died after falling 85 feet over Turner Field’s fourth-level railing. It was the third fatality at an Atlanta stadium in the past year.

Since 2003, there have been more than 25 documented stadiums falls in the United States, according to the Institute for the Study of Sports Incidents.

While many fall victims are intoxicated, accidents have also been attributed to flaws in the way stadiums are built and designed. In Indianapolis, two Colts fans were recently injured when a railing suddenly collapsed. Luckily, they did not fall very far and escaped serious injury.

The International Building Code, which is followed throughout the United States, requires railing in front of seats to be a minimum of 26 inches. Railing located at the outer edge of stadiums, such as walkway and concourse areas, must to be at least 42 inches high.

As stadium falls continue to be an issue, many question whether the minimum railing requirements, which may not even come up to waist of a taller adult, are sufficient to protect fans from injury. While some stadiums are already taking extra precautions by raising railing heights, others seem to be waiting for the next tragic accident.

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