Video Game Challenges Players to Drive Distracted

by Carmen Dellutri on October 4, 2013

By now, most drivers have heard how dangerous distracted driving can be. Yet many still engage in high-risk behaviors such as texting or talking on their cell phones while behind the wheel.

The challenge for safety advocates is how to deliver the message in a way that drivers will understand. Most recently, a videogame entered the market that might do the trick, particularly among teens.

SMS Racing puts players behind the wheel of a racecar, which is not uncommon in video games. The twist is that drivers must complete laps around a track while also periodically receiving text messages.

If the driver fails to respond to the text within 10 seconds, the current lap time doesn't count. Drivers who do respond generally look back up at the track to find their racecars in precarious situations, such as approaching the edge of the road.

The video game is the first to simulate how distractions impact driving skills and hopefully encourages players to think about the decisions they make in real life. Many have suggested it should become mandatory course material at driving schools around the country.

For those interested in giving it a try, the game is available to download for free on the SMS Racing website.

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