Boating Safety Becomes More Important as We Get Older

by Carmen Dellutri on October 9, 2013

fort myers injury lawyerBoating can be a wonderful way to enjoy retirement in Florida. However, the same signs of aging that impact drivers, such as diminished hearing, eyesight, stamina, strength, balance and coordination, can also affect older boaters.

Unfortunately, there are few ways to monitor the safety of older boaters. As highlighted in a recent Florida Today article, many seniors ignore the warning signs because they want to stay out on the water.

The article features the perspective of James Thomas Eastman, author of “The Book for Senior Boaters,” and founder of As he highlights, unlike motor vehicles, “there is no licensing authority monitoring your physical or mental ability to operate a boat safely through the license renewal process.”

Eastman and other safety advocates stress that older boaters should acknowledge their limitations and take steps to address them, such as implementing a buddy system and changing boating habits (taking shorter trips, avoiding boating at night, etc.)

“We highly recommend that as any of the aging traits and conditions appear or are noticed by spouse or friends, it should be discussed with the boat operator and a proactive plan put in place to evaluate and monitor such traits or conditions that can affect operating a boat safely,” Eastman states.

For concerned family and friends, convincing seniors to give up boating can be just as difficult as taking the car keys away. However, it may just save their lives.

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