What To Do If You Witness a Florida Car Accident Involving a Sinking Vehicle

by Carmen Dellutri on June 14, 2011

Cape Coral personal injury attorneyIn yesterday’s post, we provided you with information about what to do if your vehicle ends up in a waterway following a Florida car accident. Since you may be just a as likely to witness an accident involving a sinking vehicle, it is important to understand what to do.

As we previously highlighted, there were 16 fatalities and 413 injuries across Florida due to a vehicle running off a road and into water in 2009 alone.

Here is a brief summary of how to help someone who may be trapped in a submerged car:

  • Call 911 before you do anything else.
  • Those physically incapable of providing help should not enter the water - wait for emergency crew to arrive. Those who can help and decide to enter the water should first remove all loose clothing, including belts and shoes.
  • Staying on the surface, swim out to the vehicle and stop. Take a deep breath and go under from that location. If there is air left in the car and the rescuer breaks a window, that person could be sucked into the vehicle.
  • Do not enter the vehicle.
  • Do an arm sweep from the outside to locate any victims.
  • Use the other arm to anchor yourself so you don't enter and become entangled. Try and keep your head out of the vehicle as much as you can.
  • If victims are located, remove them from the vehicle headfirst.

The Dellutri Law Group is focused on making bad situations better and putting lives back together. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Florida motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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