Could Self-Driving Cars Save Lives?

by Carmen Dellutri on November 11, 2013

Cape Coral injury lawyerSelf-driving cars are currently being tested in Florida and several other states. As these high-tech vehicles get closer to becoming a reality, researchers are beginning to examine how they may impact traffic safety.

The results of the latest study are astounding. The Eno Center for Transportation predicts that self-driving cars could save the lives of 20,000 Americans per year and reduce the number of crashes significantly. Of course, these projections are based on widespread adoption rates of over 90 percent.

Nonetheless, even having a smaller percentage of self-driving vehicles on the road could improve safety. That’s because over 90 percent of crashes involve some form of driver error. Common examples include distracted driving, fatigue, speeding, and alcohol/drug impairment.

As the study highlights, “Self-driven vehicles would not fall prey to human failings, suggesting the potential for at least a 40 percent fatal crash-rate reduction, assuming automated malfunctions are minimal and everything else remains constant (such as the levels of long-distance, night-time and poor-weather driving).”

Going forward, there are still a number of hurdles to cross before self-driving vehicles are available to consumers. Regulators must still determine how to deal with licensing, insurance, and liability concerns.

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