Tragic Florida Accident Highlights Danger to Drivers of Disabled Vehicles

by Carmen Dellutri on June 15, 2011

Florida motor vehicle accident attorneyA woman is in critical condition after being hit by a semi tractor-trailer after she exited her disabled vehicle and stepped into the path of the truck on Florida’s I-75.

The tragic Florida car accident occurred after Sandy Weidner pulled her black Honda Accord into the emergency lane on the morning of May 18 and exited the vehicle. According to authorities, she stepped over the white lane marker of the outside lane of the roadway and was struck by the passing truck.

As reported by the Ocala Star-Banner, the driver, Jimmy Henderson, said he was traveling in the outside lane when Weidner darted into the outside lane and turned her back to him as she continued moving.

Henderson said he reduced speed and quickly checked the middle lane so he could move over, but there was a vehicle in the lane. By the time that vehicle cleared and he could move over, "it was too late," he said, and the right front corner of his truck struck Weidner.

Weidner was airlifted to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida where she is listed in critical but stable condition. It is unclear why she wandered into the traffic lane.

This accident should serve as reminder to all Florida drivers to exercise extreme caution when exiting a disabled vehicle on the highway, even when stopped in the emergency lane. According law enforcement officials, drivers who find themselves in a disabled vehicle should get off the road and call police.

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