What Is the Key to Avoiding a Tragic Florida Boating Accident?

by Carmen Dellutri on June 16, 2011

Florida boat accident attorneyNow that summer has officially kicked off, more and more Florida residents will be taking to the state’s numerous bays, rivers, and lakes. Unfortunately, crowded waterways also mean an increase in boating accidents.

Maintaining awareness is the key to boater safety, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

As noted by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Lt. Don McMillen, unlike the highway and cars, no marked lanes or guardrails exist to direct the flow of traffic. Boats can approach unexpectedly from any direction at any speed.

"The operator needs to maintain 360 degrees (of awareness)," said McMillen. "Just because you are operating under the rules, don't assume the other guy is doing the same."

In his 32-year career, McMillen said he has seen numerous marine accidents where a boater was distracted by heavy congestion. Avoiding areas of heavy traffic can help avoid a potential accident, as will "using common sense" and paying attention to the weather, he said.

The importance of awareness is also backed up by accident statistics. Operator inattentiveness is one of the leading causes of Florida boating accidents.

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