School Program Teaches Florida Children About Water Safety

by Carmen Dellutri on June 17, 2011

Florida accident attorneyBefore children leave for summer vacation, nurses from the Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida are making sure that they understand the importance of water safety.

“In the state of Florida, we lose the equivalent of three classrooms of preschoolers to drowning each year,” said Michele King, director of the Child Advocacy Program at The Children’s Hospital. “We must keep our children safe with layers of protection and constant adult supervision when they are in or near water.”

As described by the News-Press, Water Safety Day ensures that children understand how to protect themselves from a water-related accident. The program involves four different stations that demonstrate important water safety tips. The students perform mock lifesaving techniques, practice proper life vest fittings, skim mucky water for dangerous objects, and receive information about swimming lessons.

The program is a great way to teach children important water safety skills and may be the difference between life and death should tragedy strike.

For instance, Detrentis Doston, 8, learned that he can save someone in trouble by looking for items around him such as a foam noodle toy or even a towel.

“I learned how to save people’s lives,” he said. “I can throw out something and pull them in to shore.”

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