Elderly Man Killed in Vicious Florida Dog Attack

by Carmen Dellutri on June 27, 2011

Port Charlotte personal injury attorneyA Hawthorne man has succumbed to his injuries one week after suffering a vicious Florida dog attack. Roy McSweeney, 74, was attacked by two pit bulls while he was gardening in his own yard on June 10, 2011. According to authorities, the two pit bulls, which have since been euthanized, escaped from the yard of McSweeney’s next-door neighbor.

Unfortunately, it appears that this is not the first time these two dogs have attacked. According to news reports, the dogs attacked another man last year. Robert Floyd was doing work at the rental home where McSweeney lived with his wife when the dogs attacked him, causing severe injuries to his face.

Although Animal Control initially seized the dogs, they were eventually released back to the care of their owners. A year later, the same dogs would attack, and ultimately kill McSweeney.

From a legal perspective, Florida dog attacks may result in a civil lawsuit as well as criminal charges.

Most Florida communities have local ordinances that authorize criminal charges against the owner of a dog classified as dangerous following an attack on a human. Misdemeanor charges may also be brought against owners of dogs not classified as dangerous if the dog attacks a human and causes serious injury or death.

These ordinances also outline the criteria for classifying a dog as dangerous, which include aggressive, unprovoked attacks causing severe injury. Dogs are not generally declared dangerous if the person attacked was unlawfully on the owner's property or the animal was being abused.

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