Tragic Florida Pool Accident Highlights Dangers of Pet Doors

by Carmen Dellutri on July 21, 2011

Florida drowning accident attorneyA tragic Florida drowning should serve as an important lesson for other Florida parents regarding the hidden dangers of pet doors. Sadly, a Deltona toddler recently drowned in a family pool after crawling out of the house through a doggy door, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Amanda Wilson, 29, found her son unresponsive in the pool. Although all security gates at the house were functioning, it appears the 1-year-old crawled out of a 12-by-8-inch doggy door in a back door of the house, investigating deputies said. The grief-stricken mother told deputies that she and her husband had been in the bedroom for an unknown period of time. When she came out to look for her son in the living room she could not find him. She stepped out on the porch and found the boy on his back in the water, deputies said.

As this story highlights, pet doors can pose a serious risk to small children. Children escape through pet doors more often than people think, said Sean Kane, president of Safety Research & Strategies of Rehoboth, Mass.

Because many pet doors are the size of a standard sheet of paper or smaller, Kane says parents believe their children won't fit. But a typical 3-year-old boy weighs about 38 pounds and can easily pass through an opening that size.

"We discovered that in the past decade there have been more than 100 incidents where children escaped through doggy doors that resulted in near-drownings and drownings," Kane said.

You can learn more about how to prevent drowning and practice Florida pool safety here.

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