Florida Car Accident Prevention: What Should You Do If You Spot A Drunk Driver?

by Carmen Dellutri on August 1, 2011

Port charlotte personal injury attorneyHave you ever noticed another driver having trouble staying in the lane or, worse yet, hitting the curb or guardrail? In these situations, many drivers hesitate to alert the authorities that the driver may be intoxicated. While you may feel guilty about reporting the driver, it can often prevent a serious Florida car accident and may even save a life.

According to police, drivers should call 911 anytime they spot a suspected drunk driver. The dispatcher will likely request the following information:

  • A license plate or other vehicle description of the erratic vehicle,
  • The vehicle’s location and the direction it's headed, and
  • A description of the driver's behavior, or what the vehicle is doing.

Police also warn that drivers should not follow too closely or attempt to pass the vehicle, as an intoxicated driver is often unpredictable.

Of course, police advise motorists never to confront another driver or attempt a citizens' arrest. In the case of a suspected Florida DUI, it is best to leave enforcement to the police who are trained to deal with such situations.

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