Preventing a Cape Coral Fire Truck Accident-Is a New Traffic Light System the Answer?

by Carmen Dellutri on September 14, 2011

Florida truck accident attorneyWe have all been in the situation where a fire truck is racing down the street towards our car, which is stopped at a red light with nowhere to go. In these situations, it seems we are faced with an impossible choice—should we remain stopped at the light until it turns green or try to move out of the way of the fire truck but into the path of other traffic?

To help emergency crews get where they need to be and protect other drivers on the road from a dangerous fire truck accident, there's actually a system that makes red lights turn green for oncoming fire trucks and other emergency responders. While it's not new, it could soon be new to Cape Coral, according to NBC 2.

"It's like coming to work on a good Monday and all the lights are green," said South Trail Fire Chief Bill Lombardo.

The city is applying for a federal grant to pay for the Opticom system, which would be installed at 45 of Cape Coral's busiest intersections, such as Santa Barbara and Veterans.

The federal government would award $400,000, and Cape Coral would pay $100,000 for the Opticom system. Supporters like Cape Coral Division Chief Tom Tomich argue that the systems are well worth the cost since they will lead to quicker response times as well as increased driver safety.

The system would come just in time, as fire truck accidents are rising dramatically in most cities across America. As with most big trucks, a fire truck accident can be very serious, often life-threatening.

"A 3,000 to 4,000-pound car is no match for a 45,000 pound fire truck," Tomich said.

As evidence of their effectiveness, Lombardo says safety has definitely improved in the South Trail District since the system was installed in 2006.

"We have not had a [fire truck accident] at any of the intersections protected by Opticom," he said.

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