Florida Cities Among Worst and Best for Car Accidents According to Allstate

by Carmen Dellutri on September 20, 2011

Florida motor vehicle accident attorneyFlorida drivers are not very good at avoiding car accidents, according to an annual report sponsored by Allstate Insurance. The country’s safest drivers can be found in Fort Collins, Colorado, where the average driver gets into a car accident about every 14 years, which is 28 percent less than the national average of 10 years.

While some Florida cities also fared well in the survey of the 200 largest cities in the U.S., the results weren’t so good for others. Unfortunately, no cities in Florida cracked the top 10.

The Good

The safest driving city in Florida: Port St. Lucie, which ranked 30th. The City of Cape Coral was ranked as the 2nd safest city in Florida to drive in, and 42nd in the nation according Allstate. In Cape Coral, drivers are involved in a Florida car accident once every 10.5 years on average according to Allstate, which is slightly better than the national average.

The Bad

You may want to drive extra cautiously when getting behind the wheel in several of Florida’s cities. Orlando ranked 149 out of 200 of the nation's largest cities when it came to safe driving. Fort Lauderdale ranked 132.

The Ugly

According to Allstate, Hollywood (154), Miami (178) and Hialeah (183) pose the greatest risk of being in a Florida car accident. The likelihood of getting into a Florida car accident in Hialeah was 39.3% higher than the national average.

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