Florida Distracted Driving Accidents–There’s an App for That

by Carmen Dellutri on September 27, 2011

Naples car accident attorneyAs Florida personal injury attorneys, we know firsthand that Florida distracted driving accidents continue to plague our roadways. Therefore, maybe it’s time for a new approach—technology that disables itself while you are behind the wheel.

Sprint is the latest cell-phone provider to announce a new application (or app) that disables smart phone functions while driving, as part of efforts within the industry to combat distracted driving. As reported by Consumer Reports, the app is being specifically marketed to parents of teenagers, which have been identified to be most at risk for a Florida distracted driving accident.

How Does It Work?

The app—Sprint Drive First—locks the phone when the car is moving over 10 mph and sends all calls automatically to voicemail. Alerts for email or texts are silenced when activated, and an automated, customizable message is sent as a response.

If the app no longer detects the car is moving, the cell phone reverts to its normal settings. In the case of traffic, the app won’t unlock the phone unless the vehicle is idle for a few minutes.

The cell phone can be unlocked with Exit and 911 buttons, which can override the app, but parents can choose to be notified when this occurs. Parents can also choose up to five numbers that can ring through the locked phone and three apps that still function when the car is moving, such as navigation or music.

Sprint is not the first to introduce this type of app. According to Consumer Reports, AT&T recently unveiled a similar app for Blackberry users that sends an auto-reply to texts, emails, and phone calls. Last winter, T-Mobile was the first cell-phone carrier to release an app to limit smart phone use while driving.

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