Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Ask: Is Technology Putting Your Family at Risk?

by Carmen Dellutri on October 5, 2011

Florida personal injury lawyerTechnology in our homes certainly makes life easier, but is it also making us less safe? We recently came across an interesting article that highlights how electronic devices may be exposing us to potential injuries.

As Florida personal injury attorneys, we can’t say we were surprised by many of the products mentioned, but the article serves as an important reminder of the risks many devices can pose, especially to young children. We have listed several of the most risky tech products below.

Baby monitors: Seven deaths since 2002

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has noted at least seven infants and toddlers who have been strangled with baby monitor cords and three infants and toddlers who have been nearly strangled since 2002, with the youngest victims being six months old.

To prevent a serious injury, make sure your baby monitor is placed so that the cord is more than arm's-length away from the child.

Button Cell Batteries: 3,500 injuries, nine deaths since 1985

The small coin-sized button cell batteries commonly used in remote controls, garage door openers, and and bathroom scales (to name just a few) are surprisingly dangerous, especially to children. According to the National Capital Poison Center (NCPC), the batteries can get stuck in children’s throats where they can cause severe chemical burns. The effect starts within minutes of ingesting the battery and within two hours can burn a hole through the esophagus where it's lodged, says Toby Litovitz, MD, executive and medical director of the NCPC.

Therefore, parents and caregivers should be careful not to leave a "dead" button battery within a child's reach when putting a new battery in a device. Even a dead battery still has enough of a residual charge to cause the same sort of burn, Litovitz explains.

Shredders: Stat: 2,700 injuries in 2010

Your home office could be a dangerous place for small children. In 2010, the CPSC estimated that there were 2,700 emergency room visits involving consumers of all ages because of accidents with paper shredders.

Injuries can vary broadly, ranging from entrapping a finger to the paper shredder falling over and causing a foot injury. Therefore, it's a good idea to keep kids away from the home office and its paper shredder.

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