Food Safety Inspections at MLB Stadiums Should Have Fans Crying Foul

by Carmen Dellutri on September 25, 2011

Florida personal injury lawyerWith the Tampa Bay Rays fighting to reach the playoffs, more baseball games may be on the horizon for Florida baseball fans. While we encourage everyone to root for the home team, you may want to read this article about Major League Baseball food safety inspections before you decide whether to chow down at the ballpark.

Business Insider recently ranked all 27 MLB stadiums, revealing the best and the worst when it comes to food safety. The designation of safest stadium was awarded to our neighbors to the north. In fact, the Toronto Blue Jays are the only major league baseball stadium on the list that received no violations last season.

How did Florida’s stadiums fare in the ranking? Not so well.

Sun Life Stadium in Miami had 23 critical violations and 3 minor violations. Highlighted violations included the following:

  • Many sinks did not have hot running water
  • Spray bottles containing hazardous material were not properly labeled.
  • Inspectors observed twenty plus flying insects by the soda machine.
  • There were cups of beer (without any sort of lid) stored near the employee drink station.

Tropicana Field in Tampa was ranked the worst with 217 critical violations and 112 minor violations. Highlighted violations included the following:

  • Various raw animal based products stored not properly separated from one another.
  • Same pair of tongs used to handle two different animal products.
  • Build up of slime and soil on the interior of several ice machines.
  • An employee handling food had fingernails that were long enough to prevent the proper wearing of protective gloves.
  • Steak thawing at room temperature.
  • Employees were seen handling money and also handling food without changing gloves.
  • A prepared shrimp sandwich was being held at 82 degrees.

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