Preventing Distracted Driving Before You Get Behind the Wheel

by Carmen Dellutri on October 13, 2011

Port charlotte personal injury attorneyAlthough we run the risk of sounding like a broken record, we cannot stress enough the dangers of distracted driving. As Florida personal injury attorneys, we see the repercussions of distracted driving accidents on a routine basis and are disheartened by how often injuries could have been prevented.

We know that it’s sometimes difficult to ignore a ringing phone or barking dog once you are on your way. Therefore, with this is mind, we would like to share several tips for preventing a Florida distracted driving accident before you even hit the road.

  • Choose your music, set the interior temperature, and make any other control adjustments you need to before hitting the road, or wait until you are stationary to make any changes.
  • Check phone messages if you need to, and make any necessary calls. Even if you can make hands-free calls, the safest approach is to avoid making calls while driving. Never use the phone in heavy traffic, bad weather, or in other dangerous road conditions. The best is to pull over somewhere safe and make the call.
  • Program your navigation device ahead of time, if you use one. And review your route to familiarize yourself with it whether you use GPS or not. If you are not sure, pull over and memorize the next few directions.
  • Allow enough time to make your trip without rushing.
  • Don’t travel with unrestrained pets in the car. An excited animal can be a dangerous distraction, and it can interfere with your ability to control the car.
  • Loose items can also be a hazard. Many accidents are caused by drivers reaching to pick up something from the floor.
  • Try not to eat behind the wheel. Cleaning up a spill, or trying to avoid one, can easily take your eyes off the road long enough to cause a crash.
  • And it may seem obvious, but take care of your personal grooming needs before starting out.

Source: Consumer Reports

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