Florida Car Accident Attorney: Surviving the Worst-Case Scenarios

by Carmen Dellutri on October 17, 2011

Florida car accident lawyerDo you know what to do if your car catches fire after a Florida car accident or how to stop your car in the case of sudden acceleration? While these are some of the most dangerous situations that can happen behind the wheel, as Florida personal injury attorneys, we understand that no one can predict when a tragic Florida car accident may occur.

To help ensure you walk away from these worst-case scenarios, this post offers a few helpful survival tips.

Break failure: Total brake failure happens rarely, but it can be a terrifying and dangerous experience nonetheless.

  • Shift into a lower gear if your car has an automatic transmission; downshift if it has a manual.
  • Apply the emergency brake.
  • Steer to the side of the road.
  • Switch off the engine.

Car fire: Car fires can be caused by a number of issues, including a car defect or a serious car accident. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.

  • Get onto the shoulder or into the breakdown lane as quickly as possible.
  • Shut off the engine.
  • Get yourself and all passengers far away from the fire and warn bystanders to keep clear.
  • Try to warn oncoming traffic.
  • Do not try to put out the fire yourself. With any fire, there's a possibility that the fuel in the vehicle's tank might ignite.
  • Call 911.

Sudden acceleration: On rare occasions and for various reasons, a car can accelerate by itself. But the solution is always the same.

  • Apply the brakes firmly; don't lift your foot from the brake pedal.
  • Shift to Neutral.
  • Steer to the side of the road.
  • Switch off the engine, then shift into Park.

Source: Consumer Reports

The Dellutri Law Group is focused on making bad situations better and putting lives back together. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Florida car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

To learn more about your legal options, contact our experienced Florida injury attorneys for a free consultation. 

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